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Ways of working

Our ways of working

More collaborative ways of working

More collaborative ways of working

Since devolution, our organisational structure and operating models have evolved to respond to internal and external changes.

Recently we have shown how greater integration and collaboration across our organisation would enable us to support Ministers more effectively and deliver better outcomes for people.

We will continue to face complex challenges that are cross-cutting in nature. For example, our Net Zero and child poverty ambitions will require multiple directorates to work together with a range of public, third and private sector partners to achieve outcomes.

With this in mind, and looking ahead to the complex policy challenges we face, we are taking a more collaborative, integrated approach will help us better deliver for the people of Scotland.

Flexible Working/Home Working

Flexible working

Increasing flexibility about where people work is more inclusive and is in line with our Fair Work aspirations and our vision and values.  Whether you’re a parent, a carer, a student, or just have a busy lifestyle, we know it’s not always easy to commit to standard working hours. So we offer a range of flexible working arrangements that will let you balance your life between home and work.

In line with Covid protocols, the Scottish Government is working towards a gradual return to the office however, home working continues to be the expectation for the majority of staff.  As we transition out of the pandemic we are trialing hybrid working which will see some colleagues able to continue to work predominately at home, while others will have flexibility to work from one of our offices or local hubs.